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Stop romanticizing people who hurt you.
— Six Word Story #48 by absentions (via ohfairies)

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Untitled | by Mark Poucher.
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Fuck you, PAY ME!
— Me (via dead-poolanon)
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Exploring the Mission Valley of Montana

Re-posting because my awesome photography never got enough notes, and I can’t wait for summer.

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Kumail Nanjiani

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growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money

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Ryan Getzlaf shows off his shooting skills (¬‿¬)

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do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed

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Relationship advice: Find someone who accepts you for the lazy piece of shit you are.
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You’re a Disney princess who is just currently in the sad part of her feature film. It’s going to be okay. 

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haha oh my god

ahhahaha fuck

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What’s that jacket Margiela?

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